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November 22nd, 2010


I've got a tickle in the back of my throat...

Not now please. Had enough medical attention for 2010.


These new glasses seem to be dirt magnets...

Everytime I turn around they've got some kinda smudge on 'em. I think the guy at TSO said I should clean them with Dawn dishwashing soap. I was alking about not being able to get my old ones clean. When the optomotrist had a close look at them he said they were pitted and scratched up pretty good.


I've Noticed a Trend Here Lately...

Seems quite a few folks are dropping off from LJ. I know, attrition and all, but these just feel different.

And some are starting to fall off Facebook as well. Now THAT I can understand...*grins*

I recently started keeping a journal. An offline journal. Sometimes I find myself making more entries in it, than here.

Why are we still here? Hmmm? For me it was always about the conversation.

I seem to have lost a few of my friends as of late. And no, it isn't just the holidays. This was going on before the season started. I just didn't remark on it.

They haven't dropped me. They just seem to have left my piece of the conversation. Noticed they are conversating (it is TOO a word!) elsewhere. Just not here. And I miss them. Am I too angry? Too much of a train wreck? Just tired of me? Too damned American? Too much of a screw up?

Or maybe you are just too busy having a real life... I know some of you are. And I'm happy for each and every one of you. And I look forward to having one myself again someday...HA!

I'm getting to be too damned tired to keep trying to figure it out. I mean, I can deal. But I thought we were friends... But online is never really the same as IRL is it? Or maybe we are just growing in different directions. It happens... There's an ebb and flow to everything.

Or maybe I'm just jealous. Don't think so. Stupid emotion that... But utterly human.

And then there's the effin' drama. Don't want it. Certainly don't want to be in the middle of it. Don't want to cause it. I really don't need that. Who does? Besides I've got enough offline drama. For several people. I don't want to participate. As a matter of fact, if I can help it at all, I won't.

I've noticed I seem to be developing a certain reticence to discuss some things because they may be too personal. **I know...WHAT?!? This is LJ for crissakes!!** *grins* Or it might hurt somebody's feelings. Or maybe I feel guilty just for THINKING that way.

I need to think more on this... And maybe, so should some of you.

Is it time?

Maybe some folks are right... Maybe I need to be in some sort of therapy. BADLY...

Does this entry even make any frickin' sense? Sounds whiny to me but I'm posting it anyway...


**Oh and I'm not talking about you folk from the land of Oz... Yer as chatty as ever... Love ya! Y'all seem to be some of the most laid back people on the planet. Those of you that are on my list anyway.**


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