January 3rd, 2011


So 2011

I haven’t really had a decent post for weeks. And weeks. Still reading and commenting where I can add value.

I really have no drama in my life right now. I’m liking this. I’d like for this to be a continuing trend. *grins* But I’m not really “doing” anything either. So ~ no cause, no effect! Heh...

Just quietly living. Finally getting some mental distance from the ‘other life’ I reckon. Finally! Yes, FINALLY. Maybe my anger has subsided some as well.

I don’t really have anything to rant about or interesting to report. Hence I am quiet.

I’m going to have to start actively seeking employment before too much longer. Going to give quitting smoking another try. Keep the diet type thing going.

And just live. Hopefully I’ll find something to do that will let me thrive.


Christmas was quiet, calm and cool. I did all my shopping (such as it was) online this year. Had that Fabu! pot roast dinner here on the Eve of Christmas. Then we ( The Offspring, cadona had dinner and did the presents thing at cadona’s place on Christmas Day.

I didn’t ask for much of anything, so I wasn’t disappointed. The Kiddo says I’m hard to shop for because I tend to buy anything that I want or need. Heh... Reckon she’s right.


New Years was pretty quiet as well. Sense a trend here? *grins*

Had a nice dinner out with The Offspring at MoMong.

We had a couple of appetizers, an entre apiece (and I just finished the remains of mine for dinner last night. *grins*) We also shared a bottle (!) of cold Saki and kinda people watched for a while. I was home before 10:00. Long before ten. I think I napped through the arrival of 2011, finally crawling off to bed at one or two.