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February 1st, 2011

This Frickin' Stings!

Fuck that, it HURTS!

Got something in my right eye. I haven’t been able to flush it out. Tried a couple of times.

I have given up. Whatever it is, it’s either too small or some color I just cannot see. Called the eye doctor’s. Appointment is for 200.


ETA: Scratch on the cornea is the diagnosis. Gave me some lubricant and steroids for my eye.

Didn't find anything. I suspect when he put the numbing solution in there it came out. I teared up pretty good.



I wasn't expecting that. I was wearing SHORTS the last couple of days. It's in the 20's out there. Thought the cold wasn't coming till Wednesday. Stepped out to get some dinner and WHAMMO!

North wind is a MOTHERF~ Well you know what I mean.

At least it ain’t snowing... YET!



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