October 7th, 2011

apple MBP

He Knew What We Wanted...

Sometimes before we knew it ourselves...

Rest in peace, Mr. Jobs...

You will be missed...

Steve Jobs ~ 1955 - 2011

My house is an Apple House...

My Shortened History with Apple

Got my first Mac in the early 90’s. Was a Mac IIx. And then since my workplace was a PC place a plethora of PC’s followed the death of that MAC. Plus for many years I couldn’t justify (mostly to myself) the higher premium you had to pay for a Mac. Until August / September 2007 in fact, when I bought my MacBook Pro

Took me a long time to jump into the digital media age too. Got my first iPod at the same time. It was an aluminum Nano. 2 GB. Lime green. I still have it too. Still works too. It actually let me use my Palm LifeDrive for other stuff besides music. The LifeDrive wasn't that great for media anyway.

As I added more music to my collection , which was virtually all our CD’s, (and then some) I soon outgrew the Nano.

At some point I was in a local Apple Store buying some software or something and some sales person walked by and said, “Have you seen one of these?” and put an iPod touch into my hands.

He came back 5-10 minutes later and all I could say was, “Wrap it up. I’m sold!” And I became the proud owner of an 8GB model iPod Touch. Still have that one too. Keep my Holiday music on it. Outgrew it on a trip to visit my sisters in Florida. Kept hitting the 8 GB wall.

Hit a Walmart while in Florida and got an 80GB iPod Classic. It’s now well over half full and still kicking.

Next of course came the iPhone. I picked up an 8GB original on sale in 2007 to replace my dead or dying Moto Razor. I skipped the second iteration and waited until the price on the 3 came down, right before the 3GS came out. I then got the iPhone 4 when they came out as I gave my old unit to The Offspring.

Kid is hard on her phones I guess. She’s been thru a few replacements already.

Somewhere in there I also bought a Mac Mini (I use it primarily as a media sever), a couple of AirPort Express’ (used to play my itunes thru the big stereo). And my wireless router is an AirPort Extreme. This is the second one I’ve bought, BTW.

And this year I added an Apple TV (2d Gen) for the tube in the bedroom. Used mostly for NetFlix and wireless streaming iTunes in that room as well.

Fan boy? I guess you could say that. I prefer to think I like quality products that are well thought out and thoughtfully designed.

Maybe I’m just another sheeple that like to think, he “Thinks Differently” HA! Naaaaaaah.

Thanks again Steve. You did indeed bring positive changes to the world...

Here’s a surprise. For once I agree with something Rush Limbaugh had to say. Strangely moving. Check it out:

ETA: LJ is being funky about embedding the player so here's a link to the story. http://www.mediaite.com/online/rush-limbaugh-gives-a-surprisingly-touching-and-heartfelt-remembrance-of-steve-jobs/