October 22nd, 2011


Oh, So That's It!

Had some nice cooler temps here over the last week... You get temperatures in the low to mid 60’s (F) and people start breaking out the sweaters, boots, and coats...


At my favorite watering hole at some point this week and it was quite cool out. Felt great when you compare it to the damned broiling we’ve had over the summer here. It was brutal... Any way folks are showing up wearing coats and jackets and stuff. Me? I’m still in short sleeves and shorts with flip flops... *grins*

Was sitting at the bar talking to the resident elderly woman type curmudgeon (she’s 80+ YO) and we were talking about the weather:

Me: Dang, the weathers been great these last few days! Nice and cool!

She: It ain’t cool. It’s COLD!

Me: No it’s really nice.

She: Yeah you would say that...

Me: Wha?!

She: Yeah. You got all that blubber all over you... Yer well insulated.

Bartender: Still charming the pants off all the guys aren’t you, Miss C?

She: Well...


She seems to get away with saying whatever is on her mind, she’s older than anyone else in the place I know... And can hold forth with anyone!


Then there’s this...

The last few times I’ve hit one of my favorite restaurants in the wee hours of the morning this waitress has latched on to me and set me in her section... She’s a Greek immigrant. Very nice... A little hard to understand sometimes, but friendly and attentive. Conversation we had the other night (maybe morning)

She: You know, I am not a waitress...

Me: Oh?

She: No. I am a singer and musician.

M: Really? What kind of music?

S: I sing in Greek.

M: Ah...

S: Oh I sing in English some too.

M: Well that’s cool.

S: Maybe ~~ **m-mumble mumble** sometime...

M: Excuse me?

S: Maybe... Maybe you could come see me sometime? I’m sing at Alexander the Great right now.

M: And that is?

S: A Greek restaurant... But I don't wait tables there. I sing. You should see me. I look different.

M: Really? (I thought she looked pretty good the few times I’ve seen her any way even in her wait staff clothes)

S: Do you have the YouTube on your phone?

M: Well yeah.

She then directed me to a youtube search and the girl has a few videos there. She cleans up pretty well... *grins* Most of the videos are in Greek of course.

M: Whoa!!

She laughed.

S: Yes... So maybe you will come see me? I’m there Fridays and Saturdays. And Sunday is my off day. From here and there. Come for a coffee or something? The have belly dancers as well. And me. I’ll come sit with you after my show...

My thought was: **Wow!!** And then *What the hell?!* It was pretty much the same night / morning as the “Blubber” conversation above...

M: No promises, but I will if I can get over there.

Ha! Wild horses couldn't keep me away. Got a soft spot for near eastern music. Could be interesting.