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Even Though Spring Has Sprung

In Southeast Texas(just have a look at the oak trees in my yard. They are spitting their leaves like it is April or something), the day has turned out to be particularly nasty.

Rainy and cold. The temperature has dropped about 20 degrees since I got up this morning. Late. Brrrr. And it may F-f-f-freeze tonight.

Don't think I'll be spending much time in the garage today. It's okay, I need to pay some bills and and look at finances anyway.

Talked to my sister in Florida in the last week. I'm gonna have to make a trip over to pick up the stuff they've been storing for me. SOON. Thought I'd ask the The Offspring if she's up for a road trip...She probably will decline as she's busy with BooTown things. If she ain't willing to go, then I'll need to fly over and rent a truck to drive back. So I should call her today so's I can start making plans to get ov-ah theah.

I do wish I had gotten up earlier though. I missed the trash pickup this morning.

Gonna have to forgo the shorts and short sleeves I've been wearing over the weekend and put on some (warmer) clothes...Baby it's C-c-c-cold outside!
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