August 27th, 2012



And on sunday, TexasTs rested. Other than getting the cableguy in to show me what i was doing wrong with my new DVR setup. Dunno why they had to send a tech out for that. Tech support on the phone should be able to explain the procedure sufficiently.

Got a shipment of coffees and teas in over the weekend. I've got a kuerig single serve coffee maker.

Let myself run out of coffee, so I've been earl greying it for the last week or so.

Got a nice French roast in. Celestial seasoning sleepy time. And my new favorite is a half black tea half lemonade. Brewed over ice. Nice sipping' that is.

Overslept this morning. Was another late night, no fear, no harm.

Stay the Fuck Away, Isaac!!

I was not liking the projected path of Isaac, the storm that is churning up the eastern gulf of Mexico. I have relatives in Florida. I like it even less now...

Every time I look at the damned 'cone of uncertainty,' they've moved it farther west. Got friends in MS, AL, and LA too. And east texas as well. Y'all take care and don't do anything foolish.

As awesome as it is, sometimes I hate frickin' weather...

And I need to make groceries too.