September 11th, 2012


Fall Days...

Weather is giving me a hard time.

Well no, not really. The weather has been damned near perfect (or what passes for) fall weather for around these parts. Still gets nice and warm (hot) in the afternoon.

But it is frickin’ distracting. HA…

Had the doors open again today. It was right nice up until late this afternoon. I finally noticed. *grins* and turned the air on and closed doors.

My Online Courses

First of all, see above. Hah. Going a little slow. But perseverance will prevail I think.

Tried to make some progress by going “full screen”. And I made some. Just not enough. Or I just need to slow down.

Lemme ‘splain. Going full screen simply means to give something your entire attention. I have such a hard time ignoring distractions right now. I usually have a pretty good focus, but lately… Not so much.



Man, been all over the board with music lately if it ain’t throw you down and eff you up blues,

(Have some Clairy Browne and the Bangin’ Rackettes. Thanks padiwack, Ruthie! That one woke me up!)

or driving Southern Rock, it’s classical music. (I listened to classical music all day, yesterday. Haven’t done that in ages.) Today it’s been all kind of New Agey stuff mostly.

(Give a listen to Queen of the Sun by Angels of Venice.) A little strange I know. Consider the source…

Been in a kind of strange headspace all around.

Home Projects

Like anything else that isn’t mainly fun I get distracted easily. Coming along slowly. Surely.

Desk is moved and I think I’ve got a living room arrangement I can work with. Left a box or two packed until I finish with the bedroom. Should be able to empty a drawer or two in that chest in the closet. Once I get it out of there.

The Rest

Haven’t seen the new Who episode yet, but it is here.



One of my fans has this switch where you can make it feel like a natural breeze. Had the door open all day long. And the damned fan sounds kinda like surf crashing on a beach! And I wonder why I feel distracted. *no. I don’t*

I moved a lamp this week. Well, okay, it was just yesterday. I’ve had this strand of fishing line for ages. It has seven little two sided mirrors down it’s length. When I moved in to this place , I sank a hook into the overhang over the bar and sink. That stupid lamp has been up against it since I moved it down to that end of the counter, right? So now the line is free again and moves with the AC or whatever movement I’ve got. Sunlight (of course) reflects off of these things at a few strange angles. So it looks like there is movement where there oughtn’t be. Catch it out of the corner of my eye occasionally. It’s disconcerting.

I like the dang thing, that’s why I put it up there. So it would catch the breeze. But apparently it’s been still just long enough for me to get used to THAT! Just an observation. Of course at night, it IS less distracting. Heh.

Still drinking less. As a result, I do other things that are bad (relative term) for me, less of the time as well.

So One Of Me is winning.

I’m just not sure which one of me it is!

I just stopped going out nearly every night. And I do feel better. Still getting some late night texts and the odd phone call. I think I’m sleeping a bit better. Schedule is still mostly upside down.

Dead Tech?

My Sony Dash went offline today or yesterday. I think I’ve heard the Chumby network was going off line for good. Reckon Sony will just let that product just die? Think most of the apps were Chumby centric. So maybe.

And yes. I did. Restart it. A few times. Bleh. I used to BE Tech support. I know what I’m doin’

Oh Canada

Haven’t heard from the Canadians. And that’s okay. Maybe they decided they’d had enough company for this year. I’m all right with that. Got other things I should be concentrating on any way.

And it’s not like we’ve talked much over the last year or two. No phone calls or even email. I reached out. At least I didn’t get bitten. Cool.

No Thanks, I’m Just Browsin’

Been giving Safari and Chrome browsers a try. Frickin’ FireFox seems to have become so bloated as to become unusable. It hangs up in the strangest places.

Safari has some Mac driven quirks I ain’t crazy about.

Chrome seems very fast and it integrates well with Google’s app suite. It’s got some weirdo crap too.

Maybe I’m just spoiled by FF extensions. But I’m also exasperated by performance issues with the last few releases.