October 21st, 2012


Except for Testing and Final Cleanup

Will test during football game tomorrow. It is weird, but broadcast sports seems to have the surround sound thing down.

I’ll also reprogram the remote at some point.

I’m bushed. Got a sneaky suspicion I may be stiff (in the back area) tomorrow. Stepped on a damned electrical plug that was in the middle of the floor, and think I bruised the bottom of my foot. Cussed up a blue storm!

HA! There are no cords laying around the floor of the bedroom now, I can tell ya!

I’m actually pretty glad I stayed home and worked on this project rather than going out tonight. Instead of a headache, I’ll have a sense of accomplishment tomorrow… *grins* I’m great with that.


Once I get the clutter down a bit in the living area (Got to hang some pictures and get the packing out of here), I’m going to program that droid vacuum I’ve got to zip around the apartment a couple times a week.

I haven’t kept his little ass as busy as I could have lately.

The whole apartment seems to have been in a continual state of flux. Think I’m about over that sooooooo.


I seem to be settling down a bit mentally. Think I’ll give meditation another try soon. I just couldn’t seem to sit still long enough the last times I tried. I think I’m getting to a better headspace.

Not quite as cloudy as I was. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Onward! Through the fog!

G'morning, Coffee


Good morning!

Okay. So I woke up with a headache anyway.

Bleh. But this one is ragweed related. I may have to close the windows and turn on the air today. I’d rather not until it gets too hot, if at all. Haven’t really decided yet. Need to get rid of this headache. These things make it hard to think. *grins*

Going to look for some drugs here to relieve the pressure. My head feels like it is about to IMPLODE!

Woke up sometime during the night. Cold! Closed 2 out of 3 windows in the bedroom, turned off the box fan in the last window and fell back asleep.


Whoa! Posted 4 times (and counting) in less than 24 hours. *grins* I used to post like this all the time.

I Think I Need

To get outta here for a bit tonight.

Might be getting just a little stir crazy.

Cleaned and dusted in the BR today.
Put up a mirror in the BR (now that all the electronics are off the dresser).
Folded some wash.
Framed a couple of pictures and a poster or two.
Watched the Texans kick some ass.
Cleaned T’s up a bit.

Borderlands 2 *sigh*


Had the air off for a couple of days now. Pretty pleasant in the bedroom. But in the living and kitchen? Oh it’s muggy and uncomfortable. Heh. The box fan in the window in the BR really makes a difference.

I’m thinking the windows and doors are gonna need shut and the air turned on later. Dunno yet.


But yeah I may need (well, want) to get out of here for a while tonight. I’ll think on it a bit more. If not tonight, then definitely for a bit tomorrow at some point. Need some human interaction.