October 22nd, 2012


PING! It's Monday!

Good morning!

Ah Coffee! Wonderful elixir of life and it’s wakefulness!

Well that trip out last night was a waste of time and money. Made a stop for fast food and it liked to make me sick later. I had left the fries in the car and after I paid my bar tab at the watering hole, (a Whopping two Corona Lights) getting back in the car nearly made me HEAVE. First time French Fries have had that effect on me. So into the trash they went. Quickly. Some of those folks in that bar, just bore me. There are a bunch I’d still like tyo keep around. An awful lot though I just have nothing in common with and kinda wish they’s find someone else to hassle. *grins*

So I’m thinkin’ my ‘barfly’ period really is done. Save my liver and sanity for some other distraction. *laughs*

I’ve still got some work to do in the bedroom, before I can say I’m finished. But it’s pretty simple ‘put me away or chuck me’ kind of stuff.

Oh. And the surround doesn't seem to be working. Bet I’ve crossed a wire or something. That isn’t as big a deal as it sounds. Lack of surround is not really a deal breaker for me, in the bedroom. Would have been nice but if I cannot suss it out fairly quickly and easily, I can use a couple of those speakers for something else.


With all the freight I’ve had coming in here lately, the containers for said freight are in my way. Picture and poster frames are quite large. I’ll have to make a special trip to the dumpster to get rid of those. Don’t think my trash pickup guys will pick these up. A box for 36X24 inch poster frames (with the required packing) are quite large and in the way no matter where I put them. They’ve got to go. TODAY. Not going to spend another day stubbing my toes or tripping on them. And it looks like I’m hoarding things. heh.

I’m not...

I think maybe I can get the busted patio chair down there too. Think it was the weather that got to it rather than my fat ass. God only knows how long Mom had this thing and I think I’ve had it for close to 10 years now. Still have one sooooooo no new furniture yet. But if one has busted, then the other is probably not far off.

Been thinking about a resin Adirondack chair eventually.


Still shopping for a color printer with a wider than usual paper tray. It’s looking like an Epson Artisan may be the best choice for that. I don’t think I’ll ever buy another HP printer. Had my current one for a few years. The only thing it’s good for now is making sure my filing cabinet doesn’t fly away out of the closet. *grins* It was always kind of problematic. It has to go.

Don’t need an all in one. Already have a black and white laser AIO from Samsung. Oldest printer I own and it’s still chugging away. Scanner works just fine. Maybe a little slow, but hey I’m slower these days too. And it predates consumer printers doing automatic duplexing. That would be a handy feature to have. And the Epson I’m looking at does.

Still need to make a stop into IKEA as well. at some point this week. Still need a longer shelf for my desk. And I’m thinking some more baskets or doors or drawers for my Expedit shelf I have in the bedroom. I can hide that stuff!


Into my 3d cup (mug) of coffee, and some steamed chinese veggies for Bfast/Lunch.

Windows and doors remain closed today. Muggy out there. But the blinds and curtains are open. It is bright and clear out.


One of my devices was making a Bell chime type sound. Been trying to figure that one out for a few weeks now, albeit not very consistently or hard. Turns out it is the mail notification sound for my android tablet. Didn’t even know that I set up my email on it. It chimes about every 15 minutes or so. If I was within earshot, I’d be like, “What the hell IS that!?”

So now I can dismiss that one too. HAHAHA! At least I won’t be wondering what is is anymore.


So going to finish my coffee and get on with my day. First suss the Bedroom and then the debris in every where else. I’m thinking I’ve got a box or two I’ve been holding on to for warranties, etc, can also GTFO! We’ll see.

Space is at a premium here at La Casita de TexasT’s.


Well the boxes didn’t make it to the dumpster…

Bedroom is done except like any where else I need to make some decisions about things for the wall.. And I need to run the vacuum, either Ivan (the droid), or just break down and use the upright. And then send Ivan in too.

But it’s dusted and cleaned. I de-clutterfied a bunch. Looks pretty live-able in there.

Some days though I’m just easily distracted. Ha! Today has apparently been one of them...

Going to meet a friend for dinner at Molina’s in a bit. I need to de-smellify myself.

Hope you all had a great day so far!