October 26th, 2012


Don't Mind Me...

But I am frickin’ SICK of politics.

Of course, neither candidate spends much time or money in Texas. It’s a forgone conclusion that Mittens *sigh* will win the state’s electoral votes.

And I’m still sick of it. Gotta wonder what folks in the battleground states REALLY think. Or maybe not…

I used to like to talk politics. Not any more. All it really does is piss me off.

Holy Smokes

Man it is a bit cool-ish out today. Reckon we’ve seen our high temperature for today.

Feels a little weird wearing actual pants, with actual legs. I Fabric on my lower legs feels a bit strange. Haven’t had an occasion to wear trousers for quite some time.

Hell, at this point I am glad they just FIT! *laughs*

And honestly, with living in the tropics, and my semi-retired *did I say that out loud?* status, I have dress shorts! HA! Well no, not really.

I think it was later in the year before I relented to covering my legs last season.