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October 31st, 2012

Quote of the Day

If I was more complacent and I let things slide, my life would be easier, but you all wouldn’t be as entertained. My misery is your pleasure.

~ Kanye West, Rolling Stone, 2006



I seem to be having a little trouble stringing more than a couple sentences together. Can’t bitch, it was self inflicted. Nothing terribly habit forming. And less harmful than the stuff I would have eaten and drank had I gone out tonight.

  • Skipped BW3 again tonight once I found out friend KD wasn't going to make it. When I weighed myself on Sunday I was up over 285. Today (Wednesday) I weighed around 277. Beer does that to me? Or is it a combination of beer and crap that eat while under the influence? I’m betting on a combination. I always go out over the weekend at some point and drink beer. And eat junk. WW is right though it does seem like a large amount if it is just water (beer) weight gain. My weight has been doing this for a while now. But I usually don’t end up with a net loss. Been fairly consistent with that when I stay home. Even *I* can see the connection here. There’s no beer I’d consider drinking even here. I’m a little concerned, but I think it requires more study than just a few weeks.
  • Someone 2 floors down was smoking holding the butt hanging over the rail. I could smell it as soon as I stepped out the patio door. Interesting. Didn’t make me want one. Been just about a year since I smoked. Vaporing doesn't count. So sez my doctor. And my daughter. I agree. I’ve had a full unopened pack of smokes sitting around here for about 6 months.
Those two points are deep enough for a post from me. So...

Bullet Time!

  • Must be kind of a slow news day. I finished the paper within an hour or so. Puzzle and all. Skipped sports and business, other than to scan the front pages of both. Back into the bag you go.
  • That storm up the eastern seaboard floors me. You do not expect to see a river running block to block in NYC. Houston. Well yeah. NOLA? Indeed. But NYC? Not me.
  • It has really stunk outside early in the morning when I’ve been up this week. Been at least a couple of days when I actually closed the door and windows. Been up before 0800 most of the week. Doesn’t seem to smell too god-awful now though. Had the door and windows open most of the day.
  • Looks like the ’actual’ lifehacker.com, must have had their servers up in the northeastern part of the country. Only thing I can connect to them via their backup site: http://updates.lifehacker.com/ Can’t even leave a comment. Only “LIKE” the post. *shudder* Or retweet. Reckon they are lucky they can still get some posts out though. It is very stark and clean, though. Lifehacker is one of my goto sites.
  • I really need to read and write more often. I’m behind on all three of the mags I subscribe to. I love to read. And writing, I find cathartic. Even if it isn’t shared here or any where else. Coherence and some form a clarity are what I get from it, I guess.
And now in a completely different direction ~

My only concerns with having a “brown-black” desktop (which I do) is I lose dark colored stuff on it (which I do) . I may have to get some sort of desk blotter that ain’t black. See what I can find. Maybe even a paper one. Or something tan. Paper would probably be more practical.

Food ~

Is it cool to throw rice in with the gumbo after they are both cooked? Rhetorical question. Just wish I had the fore sight to buy crackers or some sourdough bread the last time I was out.. *grins*

And in closing ~

Oh well. No big deals here. Just feelin’ right tonight.


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