November 1st, 2012


Hell's Bells!

Nearly gone noon here when I started this. Close enough. Good afternoon.

Got some laundry going today.. Doing some DnC around here as well. Don’t want to get carried away though. *grins*

Feeling all over the map musically today. Started with classical radio. Then some Rolling Stones. Dunno where I’ll go next. But it’ll be good. got enough new stuff (and old stuff too) to keep myself entertained.


The “Why didn't I think of that?” Department

Drill the right holes for tricky fixtures with a strip of tape. The Harpster Home via Lifehacker


That’s all I got for now.

I know, right?

I Think I'd Like One

Got this via apartment therapy/tech. will take one of your photos, print it on a piece of wood and send it to you.

I’m thinking of sending one of the photos from this set: Experiments with filters from flickr.

Took this set in 2009. It’s a decent size set. Over 160 photos. And a few of these are some of the best photos I’ve ever taken. To date.

Hard to make a choice though.

I do like one or two from this series. I want to think on it for a while.