November 6th, 2012


Pleasant Weather

About time to do a public post, eh?

The outlook at la casita is sunny and cool

It’s been really pleasant here the last few days. We even had a rainy day or two in there somewhere. Didn’t seem to be any real downpour. Temps have been mostly pleasant. I’ve had doors and windows open for a couple days in a row at this point.

Was really nice to wake up to open windows this morning. It was in the 60’s!

The patio has been really pleasant to sit out on, and read or write. Not writing much for public consumption, but I feel it is helping me. Had some very nice few days around here.

Exception was yesterday as I tried to drink my share of a keg, and yours too, all by myself Sunday afternoon and night. I didn’t really, but I sure felt like I had. And I wasn’t alone. I was in a beer joint.

Result was I slept (shitily I might add, because I was de-hydrated) most of the day. By the time I rolled out of the rack, late, I still felt like crap.

Was tired, cranky, headache and stomach cramps. What do they call that? Oh yeah. Hungover. Other than that mistake, it really has been a nice few days.

So even when I was conscious on Monday, I wasn't much good to any one. I hate that. What happened to my off switch? If I don't go and hang out in a bar, I don’t miss it. Other than talking to friends. Lately though, I’ve also been drinking just a bit too much when I do go. Even if it’s only one night a week. Like to see if I could drink water all night in these situations. Dunno. Only gone out a couple of times a week, tops, in the last few weeks. I lose weight if I stay out of bars.

And I don’t drink at home?! What the hell is that about? And if I do, I’m sensible about it. One or two cocktails is pleasant. There is no beer here. And I vape a little herb too. Always been my favorite intoxicant any way.


Now this is going to hurt!

I need to start riding my Bicycle again. HA. Haven’t had that boy out in over a year. Kind of pathetic. Needs a tune up I’m sure. Probably wouldn’t hurt me too much after I do it a few times, eh? Riding any where will be painful at first.


Also need to get the car inspected. Bleh.

The list of “shit Tom needs to do’ is pretty nigh endless. Or maybe it just feels that way. *laughs*

I’m still smilin’

Keep Calm & Carry on (I need to make an icon for this…)


Looks like it is still anybody’s game as far as the POTUS goes.

Watching election results on the PBS Web site, and playing Borderlands 2. I may watch the local news just to see what’s what around here. Then again I may just wait for the paper or the news in the morning.