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November 11th, 2012

Been a Sunday

Was up at 0630 this AM. It’s light, mostly, by then. Tried to catch up on some reading.

So, you think you wanna take pictures?

Went through a couple more lectures from my photography class.. Learned some interesting theory. And some things about the elements of composition. These are about to get to the real interesting parts for me.

Next lecture is on Exposure and ISO. I might need the camera for this one. Heh.

Still haven’t actually had to pull my camera out, which is good because it is (still) out in the trunk of my car! Meant to bring it in tonight. Forgot. No big deal.


Weather you want it or not...

In the upper 70’s outside but has climbed into the 80’s indoors. A bit warmish in here. Humidity has been murderous today. I met some friends (M & R) for dinner early this evening and closed the apartment up and turned the AC on so it would be cool when I got back from their place.


Had a nice dinner and some catch up time.

R showed me some tools he’s been using in his latest class. Looked to be a javascript gaming engine. The other was some sort of 3D rendering he’s been using. Both free packages. He knows this kind of stuff interests me, and wanted to show me. That looked like some fun stuff to learn.

M was trying to tell me something was up, but I could never figure out what the fuck she was whispering about. I am partially deaf for crissakes. She knows this. Sometimes I can manage to read lips, but not tonight, I reckon.

I’m not trained to do it, but I am instinctively picking it up as my hearing gets worse. *grins* Don’t test me. I ain’t that good yet. *laughs*

R is the one of my friends that is a perpetual student. One of the most creative guys I know. As well as one of the smartest folk I know. A professional photographer. Probably a Masters in Computer Science. He is just driven to always be doing something to improve his skill set.

He always tries to make me push myself. Stimulate creativity. Or curiosity. Intellect. I like that.


Watching (sort of) the Texans @ Chicago game. Looking my notes over from today’s stuff. Texans 8 and 1! Yeah.

Be awesome tomorrow, y’all!


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