November 21st, 2012

apple MBP

It's Official… Moving Away from Chrome

Given chrome a try on my macs for a month or two now. I don’t like it much. There are things it does well and then there are others that just drive me nuts. NUTS I say!

The main thing is though that on some web sites it loads whatever page you’re on like 20 (or more) times which makes it impossible to go back to your previous page. It doesn’t do this everywhere, but enough to drive me away.

Say what you will about Safari. I think it gets a little better with every release.

Any way I won’t go into too much detail, because my reasons might just make me sound a little crazy. Besides that would be boring.

Suffice to say Chrome is out!
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Okay… A Question And Other Crap


Does reading the daily newspaper count as being productive?

I’ve got other stuff I could be doing. And I will. But I also think one should remain informed by a wider number of sources. You could get pretty jaded otherwise. I mean like Faux News. You people know who you are… *laughs* I’m teasing you!

And I don't necessarily agree with the folks at the Houston Chronicle either. But they are the only game in town as far as daily newspapers go.


But I have tried to be somewhat productive today:
Put away 2 loads of laundry
Started one that is now in the dryer
Another is is washing.
Done dishes. *laughs* Right. I loaded the dishwasher and put some detergent in. So I need to empty it when it finishes. And not use the dishwasher as extra storage*
Cleaned the toilet
Hung a Huge perpetual wall calendar I got from You know how these work ~ you just change the days of the week. I think it is an Italian design, so it’s big and bold.



You can see my current calendar right below this one. heh. And I’ve hung this one a leetle crooked. Dang! Wonder how long it will be before THAT drives me crazy!


Think I’ve drank enough tea today to get a nice caffeine buzz. But it was all green tea so it’s all good, right? I had something else with my lunch. Yeah! Iced Tea!. It was half lemonade so there.

I’ve got a fairly nice (& large) picture frame I ordered and nothing to put in it. Guess I ordered the wrong size. How do you DO that!? I’ll find something to put in it. Eventually.

I hear the shower calling me. As well as the dryer and washer. Shower first! Foo!

Waiting to hear from friend KD to see if we’re noshing at BW3 tonight. I need to stop at a store after (or in any case) and by some ice cream for tomorrow. Sent him an email and it didn’t bounce with an OOO notice so I guess he’s in this week. Haven’t really talked to him OR anyone else for that matter since the weekend.

Think I’m turning into a hermit… *grins* Not really. Just keeping busy. And mostly civilized hours these days. Don’t think I’ve seen midnight all week. And up at 0700 or before. Something’s either going right. Or really *REALLY* wrong! *laughs*

The plan to not drink so dang much seems to be going well. Don’t miss it. Except when I’m bored. Likely *laughs* have a few tonight. And some Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngs!


Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating tomorrow or whenever.

Hope all is well with you and yours!

Be kind to one another folks! It’s tough enough out there…

Over and out.


* I know this guy who keeps his stash in in his DW. Like me, he lives alone soooooo.

And my dishwasher’s been emptied too. Still
not putting my stash in there though. *grins*
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Had a text from friend KD and he begged off. S’okay. I’ve been productive today and I (‘m not done yet!) still need to hit a store, so I’ll head out a bit later.

I’ve got Szechuan shrimp and steamed veggies and rice here anyway so I think I’ll just skip the wings today myself.

Made myself hungry. Time for dinner!