November 22nd, 2012


A Nice Day...

Very pleasant meal this afternoon with The Offspring and her Mom, cadona. Had Ham. And the girl child is doing the gluten-free thing, so we had a gluten free stuffing, roasted root veggies, cranberry sauce (homemade!) And I brought pistachio almond ice cream with chocolate sauce and almonds. Took vanilla too but we all wanted the green stuff! *laughs* It came home with me with a big ol’ plate of leftovers. Left the green ice cream and chocolate (dang!) and almonds at cadona’s place.

All in all a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon.


I might head on out for a bit tonight, but I haven’t really decided yet.

Grateful? Fuck yes!

Grateful for relatively good health this year for most of the folks I know (and me). Thankful I have gotten a pretty good grip on sanity before I turned into some sort of nocturnal nutcase. I like sleeping at night. And waking up early in the morning**. I believe I have discussed this in these pages before.

It seems consistency can be a wonderful thing. Who knew?

At any rate, I am… Calm, cool and collected. Been quite sometime since I’ve even thought about it. But yeah. Had a really good year so far. Might not look like I’ve done a whole lot, but yer not lookin’ at it from my side. It’s been a year of growth for me. Probably

Whereas I had been stagnant for a few… Years. And soooooo angry. Where did all that go? I don’t know. But anger was counter-productive in the end. I used to say through gritted teeth that “anger was the only thing keeping me vertical!” Was it? Maybe at the time.

I’m pretty happy. Yes. There. I said it. Happy. I’m comfortable. In my own skin. Been a long time since I could even THINK that and not be lying to myself. Now I can say it. Out loud even. *laughs*

I laugh. A lot. At myself too.

And I’m optimistic about the what the future holds.

More adventures? Bring it.

Ahhhhm jus’ gettin’ sta-a-a-h-t-ed! <-- My Al Pacino imitation.

Been a year or thereabouts since I quit smoking. Quite the big deal that is. And grateful I am.

And I still have a lot of work to do. I still weigh too much and I'm not in very good shape. "Pear shaped" comes to mind *laughs*

But I'm still above ground, dammit! Thankful for that too.


** I used to love being up before everyone in the house. In ALL my previous houses. Get a different vibe from a place where your loved ones are upstairs sleeping. Used to love that first cup of coffee in the quiet.

Living alone, I wasn’t feeling that vibe at all. All of a sudden it’s come back in full force. I love sitting on my patio early, early in the morning. Steaming coffee in my mug. I love being up that early… Ha! Maybe I’m gettin’ old...


Be good to one another people!

Black Friday?!

Ha. No thanks. Did that shit once. That was as close as I ever care to get to my fellow human beings… Wasn’t worth the trouble.


Think I’ll just be staying in tonight too. Had some fun last night. Can’t be back sliding into the nocturnal again. *grins*

“Welcome to the dark side, T’s. We have BEER!”

Good to see most of my crewe last night. But the first time I woke up this morning I didn’t feel too good. So no thanks.
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