November 25th, 2012


Slow Week and Weekend

Been a slow kind of day today. Got football on. Been farting around here since I got up around daylight. Finished the Sunday paper. Except for the puzzle pages. Put some hanging hardware on some poster frames. Haven’t hung them yet because I have to move furniture. *laughs* But another step closer


I was about to go take a shower and I realized I was frickin’ shaking. Needed to eat. Finishing my Shrimp and veggies from the other day seems to be in order. Then I’m for the shower. Want to get out of the apt for a while at some point today. Haven’t been out since Thursday, so I’m thinking it may be time… Before I turn into a mushroom!.

Haven’t been as productive as I could have been, and I’m not going to beat me up about it either.


I think I’ve about got all my holiday shopping done. Except for booze.


Annnnnnnnnnnnd I let my friends with the three dogs talk me into dog-sitting for them again. I haven’t been as attentive a friend as I could have been. So I’ll watch their frickin’ dogs for a couple of weeks come the end of December, beginning of January. They’ve had a pretty rough year. Both lost a parent this year and M has had some work troubles. They’re going to Panama to visit M’s brother. I’m sure they could use some time away from it all. I’m glad I can help them along a bit.