November 28th, 2012


Well Dammit! Part 2

Just been awakened by the complex security officer. Actually they call him a courtesy officer. I think it took him like 20 minutes to make me realize it was really someone at my door.

Apparently the thieving bastards came back for round 2. I confirmed they stole the bicycle pump. They smoked yet another cigarette in my unit. WTF!? What a thing to notice. But there are two butts in there where there was one. It was fresh. I could smell the thing. They took a really nice cart from one of my neighbors to cart their loot off with. And then left it somewhere on the property.

I still think they’ve got keys…


And now it’s 330 and I’m awake and up! Thanks fellas! You shitheads. I think I’ll try to get back to sleep in a bit. Having some sleepytime tea.

Holy Temperature Drop, Batman!

The thermometer on my patio says it’s 55F out there. That’s a bit chilly.

I need to go down the hall today and (probably) relock the door on my storage room. Out of coffee Kcups but I have a shipment downstairs. Along with a couple other things. I also need to get some stuff just out of la casita too. Hope those shitheads didn’t come back again, and steal my big dolly.

Also need to get them to change the lock on my storage door.

Those people are fucking with my head. Still think they’ve got keys. And it looks like we’ve had some turnover in staff at the complex. Disgruntled ex employees? Uh yeah, I’d look into that.