November 30th, 2012


Happy Friday! 1.1

Trying to get my head around getting things done that I should have gotten done this week instead of suffering for the fun I had the day before. That’s really two (wasted) days right? One for the fun and one to extract payment. *grins* Sounds and looks worse than it really is. *laughs*

Still I like the fact that there are fewer of the ‘payment’ days than before. I do have an off switch (of sorts) I can throw if I really want to.

And I need to flip it off more than I’m doing now, too. I’ll get there.

By the way… Where in the hell did the real Saints go play last night? Sure as hell didn’t show up in Hot’lanta. I don’t know who those guys were. Who dat, indeed?

Time for me to get the lead out. I got a list.

Later folks.

Be good to one another out there.
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Happy Friday 2.0

Got a text from a gal used to tend bar at one of my hangouts. She’s at the bar…

Nice. I lusted after her for a while. She’s closer to my age than most of the other kids that work in that place. We went out a couple of times. No spark.

I sent her a text back, ‘like to see you, but I believe I am in for the night.’

Maybe next time. She seems to fall in that place on Friday nights. Not usually one of my nights. Not any more any way. Too loud. Too crowded. Too many guys too. *grins*

I’ll just hit the vaporizer and have another mug of tea. Borderlands 2 is calling. It costs less money to entertain me than going out would.

I missed the news already. Dang it… So I’m just gonna shoot some stuff, then read a bit and head off to bed.