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December 3rd, 2012


I have felt like someone has beat me up today. With an exhaustion stick.

Got to bed late, got up late. And I think I'll be going to bed early tonight. I'm not allowed to get sick. *grins*


Holy Crap! It's December.

Unbelievable. 2012 is about in the can innit? As I get older time seems to accelerate.

This year has really flown by. I've accomplished some things this year I guess. I ain't gonna list them all here, but highlights?

Been a year and a month since I quit smoking
I cut way back on alcohol consumption.
I dropped a net 14 pounds over the last year.
Photog class is going okay if a bit slow. Haven't picked it up for a week or so, since my computer ate my notes on the ISO class.
Coding class is frickin' slow. If I hadn't paid for it I'd probably start somewhere else. But I'll get after it. Can't let that go to waste. I want to learn that stuff.


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