December 16th, 2012


Orly?! A Camel?!?

“Dude! You must have some camel genes. Impressive.”

Comment to me in a men’s room at a bar. Guess I hadda go! *grins*


Speak English Bitches! This is ‘Murica!

Semi intoxicated people are frickin’ crazy. Some ol’ gal got her knickers in a knot after she blundered into a conversation that she was not part of, and the conversants switched to spanish…

And to think I thought about asking her out. *laughs* Just say no to the crazy! She seems normal sometimes.

Saw some friends from Chicago (they live here) I hadn’t seen in MONTHS last night. They’re a fun couple. I was stunned into speechlessness *uh What?!? How often does that happen?* at some point by something someone said and she came to my rescue rather quickly, I recovered (thanks to Sherrie) and fired off my usual quick witted repartee. Don’t even remember what it was. *laughs*

Another friend playing pool and losing miserably (and drunkenly). Then I found out they were playing for money. A LOT of Money. Jeebus! And he was down. Way down.

Obviously. I was in a bar last night. Was told I needed to show up for an ugly Xmas sweater thing. I showed up in shorts, flip flops and ya know, a shirt. Asked where my sweater was, “Umm, it’s 80F outside. At home. In a drawer.” That was a bit of a flop. I think there were 4 to 6 participants.

Gotta love SE Texas Weather! Mid December and I’m wearing the same kind of clothes I wore all spring and summer.

Got home around 02:30. Think I hit between the sheets before 03:00. Slept til 1000. Laid there till 10:30. Lovely!


Texans Football and…

Watching Texans and Colts (and they better win this one, dammit), washed dishes. Got clothes in the washing machine. And dryer. Had left over wonton soup for lunch.

Rainy and warm today. Doors and windows ~ OPEN! Looks like we get some kind of cold snap around next Thursday.


The Best Of The Rest.

Thursday afternoon. Had a late lunch with my girls. We had some of the most expensive Indian cuisine I’ve ever bought. Food was good though. Great conversation and SD, Ams had gifts for me. Bottle of saki from the factory in Japan. One of those wax warmer things. And wax bullets to go in it. Unexpected and nice!

We may have lost her to Japanese culture. Spent 5 months there for her job… And wants to go back.

After we went to Poison Girl - Had a couple of drinks each which I let The Offspring pay for. Fuck, it was cheap. Industry discount and stuff. Plus she gave the guy a 20 for an $11.00 bill. Keep the change.

Then came Friday. Hit up my Photography class. Not much else.

On to Saturday. Blasted through 3 lessons in that class. The last video though, he kept tacking stuff on to the end. I am going to have to re-watch the last 3rd of that one again, I think. Really enjoying this class. Think I am about 50% through the lesson plans. Need to get my notes together for that last one though.


Happy Sunday y’all!

Be kind to one another...

What a Game!

Watching the 49ers at the Pats. Jeesuz! Might be one of the best games I’ve seen this season.

Exciting stuff. Gotta love it when it’s like this. But as a Texan fan the Niners need to win over the Pats. And they pulled that one out. Great game!

Be that as it may, love ‘em or hate ‘em, Brady and Company make a great team.

And the Texans won too!


Finished typing my class notes up.

Kinda forgot about the clothes though. Oops! I’ll get after that tomorrow, I reckon. I’m tired. Won’t be up for too much longer.