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December 21st, 2012

Right Then...

dod-t-rhe end is…

Not here. Happy end of the mayan calendar day!


Hit a haberdasher yesterday afternoon. Spent a small fortune, And now, or sometime today I’ll have a nice fitting, lightweight black pinstripe suit. Went to a Jos. A. Bank store. They were having a huge sale, so I’ve netted 3 suits, 3 shirts, 2 very nice ties, and a pair of black shoes. All for the low price of… NEVER MIND!

The pinstripe they had in stock and is being tailored. The other two are ordered. I’ll have them fitted once they arrive. One is olive colored, the other is blue.

Painful on the wallet, but necessary. Been a while since I’ve had to look so civilized. *grins* Nothing I had in that category fit me. And I cannot say that surprises me. Sooooooooo, I’ll look at it as an investment in fine clothing.


Late when I got in last night, and I’ve left my phone in the car. Crap. *laughs* That’s okay, I need to give the car a once over anyway. Getting rather deep in it. Rather do that, before I shower. Got plenty to do today besides that, so I need to get busy!

Just hope I don’t scare anyone before I get out there and back.

Having a nice little cold snap here. In the low 50’s so far today. But very sunny and bright out there. Looks like a gorgeous day. Haven’t been out yet and it’s a bit chilly in la casita this morning.

I hope all is well with you and yours!

Be good to one another, friends

So Who is the Wiseguy...

That gave me this cold? Right before I need to be firing on all cylinders?

Don’t feel too bad right now, but I can feel it coming on. Great...


Man. Didn’t get out to get my suit. Sick. Head wants to asplody.

Not now. I don’t need this now!

Good thing it’s nearly the holidaze. (I am not one to say such things, but…) The clothing store opens waaaaaaaaay early tomorrow.

Time for some sleepy time tea, some meds and I’m off to bed.

Hoping I’m feeling more human tomorrow. If not well, that’s what modern chemistry is for. One way or another I’ll be up and about. Got things to do tomorrow


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