December 24th, 2012


*Hack Hack*

Woke up this morning with a somewhat familiar (and unwelcome!) tightness *cough cough* in my lungs. Felt like poop. Got up and started some laundry, had a cup of coffee and headed right back to bed. Slept for a couple more hours. Apparently. Feeling a bit better.

Folded and hung the laundry.

*grins* Beginning to wonder if this is my clue to just stay in today / tonight. I’d like some holiday cheer, but not at the expense of feeling like shit tomorrow. Buuuuuut.If I’m gonna feel like shit anyway, I might as well go out. Just don’t expect me to climb any mountains. Or hills. Or STAIRS.

Decisions - decisions.

got my eye on you

Well Yeah...

Spoken (via text) to friend KD this afternoon. I was hoping he would go hang with his GF and her family. And he drove up there and did some shopping with her. As soon as any hint of Christmas Happiness started to show though, he had issues with it. And so left and came back to town. He thinks he’d rather be alone. I don’t know how long he’s been back to his place, but I suspect he sat in his car for quite sometime. And then I roused him.

Man oh man. Do I know about these feelings. I’d love to be able to do or say something to help him out. I also know how hollow all that sounds when spoken. I know he feels alone in the world now. Only child. Both parents and sets of grandparents gone. He just thinks he’d rather be alone. Maybe he would. I know I did.

Not sure it was actually what was best for me and those around me.

I’ll just try to keep a dialog open with him. I know how he feels though. I’m sorry he has to go through this, but we all do eventually. We sometimes outlive those we love. It’s natural. It is the order of things.


And yeah. Imma let my friends take me out tonight. Should be fun!

I rarely give up control like this and allow myself to be put into a situation where it would be difficult to extricate me. Been burned a few times along those lines. A growing experience, perhaps.

Think I’ll fill a flask with some Jameson’s and spread a little cheer mesel’! I’ve got a little greenery (shhhhh. I don’t live in Colorado or Washington State!) to spare as well. Some of that will come along too.

First though, I need to eat some lunch. Yeah, I know it’s a bit late for lunch. Tough tinsel.

Later y’all!

Happy Holidaze!
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Spoke with The Offspring and she’s working her night job tonight as a special of some kind. May go by there just to see what is what later.

Unless I just feel like my cold has whipped the tar outta me. A possibility I know.