December 31st, 2012



No thanks…

Had someone ask me what resolutions I was going to make when I was out the other night..

“I don’t do them.” was my reply.

Just like I do not generally do new years. Too easy to get busted. I’ll be safely ensconced at la casita when the time rolls around. These big party nights are for kids. Not to say I’m not one, I’m just older about it.

I’ll have a solitary drink out of my new single malt and then probably hit the hay.

I’ll need to do some laundry at some point. Start tonight finish tomorrow? Who knows.

Happy New Year!

Hope 2013 is a little kinder to all who struggled through 2012. To all you midnight revelers out there, Stay safe… Either get or volunteer to be a designated driver for your group.

Be kind to one another, folks! If we aren’t then who will?

Time for me to go to the dogs! Later, friends!