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January 20th, 2013

I'm Not Here...

To beat me up. Nor you either.

Happy Sunday evening, fellow earthlings!

I’ve had pretty much of a big fat zero, really nonproductive weekend. I suppose I should get on me for that. But I’m not going to. Not worth the stress. Start fresh on Monday. Oh wait! That’s a federal holiday. Think I’ll take that one off too. *grins*

Out Thursday night with friend KD for wings and beer. Had friend K drive. I was a bit buzzed. He dropped me at the gate to my place and I hooked up with a couple of the fellas. I was out till all hours. In bed by 6:00 AM Friday Oyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

I hope a good time was had by all. Whatever. The headache I had when I finally got up Friday at *don’t ask what time it was!* was not worth the effort it took to put it there. Pretty much a wash that day.

I noticed a familiar itch in the back of my throat yesterday. I feel like I’m trying to pick up another damned cold. Oyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Damned human beings… Always spreading germs and shit around.


Feeling disconnected from football at this point. Though I do harbor an itch to see Baltimore beat the crap outta the Pats.


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