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January 31st, 2013


Set my LR apple TV to update. It has been working at it for a couple hours now. Could be my connection, but no, I don’t really think so.

Major update?

The first couple times I tried it, the update failed.

ETA: Failed again. Twice. Don't know. Just guessing here, but maybe I need to recycle the Base Station? The last time I had some weird shit going on I thought was unrelated to either the Base Station or the damned cable modem was fixed when I re-cycled one or both.

Hate to do that. I'll try another thing, before I do.

Re-Boot always seems to be the un-looked for answer though. *laughs*


This is a Thing of Beauty (video)

This is really gorgeous.

Full screen if you can. Worth it.

Picked up via slate.com

ETA I just have one gripe about posting this kind of stuff. It seems you just have to always "tweak" stuff. I came back to check after I posted and much to my dismay it auto-played. Sorry if that caught you. Put a stop to that. I hate that kind of crap. If you've got a page that auto-plays almost anything, it won't be long before you've lost a content consumer. Bleh.

I will surf my ass outta there faster than it took me to get there in the first place.


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