February 2nd, 2013


Not Quite...

Here I was thinking that I was going to have an early night tonight. The next time I look up it’s three to midnight.

What the hell? Today just flew by for the most part. Did some chores around here. A friend stopped by for a bit this afternoon. We had a drink or two (well I did) Then he bailed to get some dinner. My dinner was already in the oven when he got here. Nothing fancy, just some leftover chinese. I really need to make a grocery run. But dang it I don’t want to fight all the football fanatics for that last loaf of sourdough (or whatever) either.

But I like to eat. And there’s no snack or *sigh* any form of junk foods here. I'm out of fruit too.

See how I feel in the AM. Get some food in me and hit a grocery store.

T’s over and out.