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February 6th, 2013

Quote of the Day

dod-t-rhousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.


Sometimes you can find the coolest things in places where you least expect to...


Kind of a nasty day out today. Not cold, just dreary. Been raining on and off all day. Not hard. Just enough to make it moist and funky out. Gray skies. I don’t really mind. I am inside and dry. Warm enough to have the doors and windows open today.

Got a few books I need or want to read. Both printed and kindle. I may be behind enough with my wired magazine subscription that I may just let it expire in May.

Oh yeah! Late yesterday afternoon I went to Jason’s Deli. (It’s a chain here in Texas) and got what had to be one of the best sammiches I’ve ever got in there. Was a turkey wrap. Sliced turkey, baby spinach and sprouts with guacamole wrapped in wheat flatbread. Holy crap that was good. Had fruit instead of chips and a cup of their Texas chili. No beans. YUM!


A couple friends tried to persuade me to join them at a bar last night. One was working behind the bar, the other a customer. Kept pinging me to come play “sober” dominoes. Right. That’s gonna happen. Have you ever seen me in that place? Restraint is not one of my traits.

Nice to feel wanted, but dang. What part of, “I need to clean up my act a bit” are you not receiving? Helllllllllllll-ooo. I finally texted to the bartender, “Honey, I love you both, but I need to stay out of bars (and in particular, THAT ONE! *not sent*) and away from beer. She answered with an, “I completely understand.”

I know this sounds kind of silly but I seem to have more common sense where ‘spirits’ are concerned. If I put myself in a position to fail, I WILL LIKELY FAIL. At least for a while. And I need to clean up my act.

I made some real positive changes in the last few months and then I started to backslide and do some stuff that is not so smart. And beer in bars seems to be in the middle of it. I don’t even drink beer at home. Don’t keep it here at all.

That little melt down I had before the trip I was supposed to take out west happened and I choose to see it as a wake up call.

It took me a few days of thought, but yeah. It was a mini melt down. I owe that guy an apology. And he’ll get one. If he will listen to it.

Not gonna beat myself up. I just have to keep trying to do better. To be better.

Need to get back on track with my diet *sigh* Yes. Again. Some of the ‘not so smart stuff’ had to do with eating. Watch my intake of alcohol. Start getting some (more) exercise. Start trying to practice meditation at least every other day, if not every day. Get serious with the classes again. Just get serious all around…

Waaaaaall a bit more than I am now…




After a long absence I logged into my twitter account today (@texasts). Some interesting stuff going on there. And a bunch of blather.

Captain Kirk is quite the twitter slut isn’t he? Busy.


He Has a Nice Voice

I’m watching “Life on Fire” on PBS. Narrated by Jeremy Irons. ‘nuff said…



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