February 11th, 2013

oh shit

Been a Freakin' Lump Today

Went to Rudyard’s Pub for Bootown’s Puppet production, “Love In The Time Of Lasers” last night. It was a late show, so after I kicked on over to Little Woodrow’s. And closed it down at two. Huh. Didn’t mean to. Was home by 03:00. Went to bed around 06:00. Wasn’t really doing much of anything. I don’t really know why. Slept till 0900. Got up long enough to take care of business, and right back to sleep. Finally rolled over for coffee sometime after noon.

Pretty useless today. I expected that. Read a lot. Rehydrated.

Had a couple drinks tonight while watching the premier of Walking Dead. One of my guilty pleasures. No spoilers here… Now I’m into Storage Wars. Yeah. Another of my guilty pleasures. Some of those guys are serious assholes...


I stop paying attention for 2 days and the flippin’ pope resigns…

Not that it matters to me of course. Not Catholic.