February 13th, 2013


Bond. James Bond

I got all the 007 movies on bluray. Pre-ordered Skyfall, and found a good deal on a boxed set. They both came in today. Score! That’s over 20 movies.

Been working in my closet. Trying to make some room in there. Doing a purge of clothes that do not fit. But man, some of this stuff is hard to part with. Even though they do not fit. And haven’t for quite a while. And something has gotta give. If it isn’t my waistline, then the old clothes can pay the price. Still going to get off my ass. But some of this I probably wouldn’t wear if I could, so that shouldn’t be too hard to part with, I guess. Got a couple pairs

I’ll be having dinner with friend KD tomorrow. They’ve had almost a complete turnover of staff at our usual stop at the local BW3. And the franchiser sold out to corporate so things are changing there. Heh. There’s a Twin Peaks not far up the road from BW3. Heh, heh…

Having lunch with The Offspring on Thursday. Not sure where yet. Need to fit chores in too over the next two as well.

Watched the State of the Onion address. Up until the SOTU came on I was monitoring that bad business in Cali. Had a live (local) feed via slate.com. Somehow the cabin became engulfed in flames. Knew that guy wasn’t coming out alive. And so did he.

Mentioned A&E’s ‘Storage Wars’ as being one of my guilty pleasures. ‘Storage Wars: Texas’? Not so much. Bleh.

Think I’ll finish my sleepy time tea and totter off to bed.


I really do need to watch my intake of caffiene. After 0130 and I’m not really tired. No wait. I am tired, but not sleepy. Guess I should have left the soda alone. Had been doing pretty good about keeping no soda around. Until last week. And I had some with and after my dinner. Feh.

Nice big glass. Way to go T’s. Way to go.