February 17th, 2013


Where?! What?

Listening to some of the music I’ve bought over the last couple months, some music sets me to wondering ‘Where did I hear this and why did I buy it?’ I still like it, but why?

In the case of ‘Into the Wild” by LP, this doesn’t apply as I knew exactly where I’d heard it. I went looking for the song because of a dadburned bank (or credit card) ad for CITIBank on television. Still the thing talked (or sang) to me. Times like that when I hadn’t a clue, it was SHAZAM to the rescue. That little app has helped me identify more music.

I just like the tune… No other explanation required. What are you listening to lately?

Oh and happy Sunday!
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    Dark Time Sunshine - Never Cry Wolf (feat. Reva DeVito)
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