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February 21st, 2013

The Bike.

I finished putting the bike together this AM. Had a little trouble adjusting the front brake, so I disconnected it and rode it to the nearest bicycle shop, so’s they could enlighten me as to the procedure. The guy did it so fast I had to ask him what it was that he did. He showed me quickly. It was painless, and now I know what the (poorly translated) manual actually says. Watch out! I’ve got a screwdriver and I’m not afraid to USE IT!

Had an issue with the battery charger yesterday. Didn’t seem to be charging the battery. It would click between red and green lights for a few minutes and then switch off. Called tech support at Currie Technology. Lady seemed a bit baffled. Then she had me put the battery on the bike and turn it on. FULL charge… WTF?! I think this bike has been put together and then put back into the box. Oh well. As long as the battery doesn’t futz out on me before it’s time, I’ve got no problems. She did say I needed to fully run the battery down and recharge it three times. Okkkkkkkkay.

This thing is a BEAST! And a hoot to ride. The pedal assist works like a champ. I rode around the neighborhood (close by) as I didn’t want to be stranded with a 56 pound bicycle that I’d have to manually push or ride. This thing is freakin’ heavy.

So I’ve been out for a couple hours. I rode it up the 5 floors of the parking garage at least 4 times. Still have a half a charge it looks like. The twist and go wouldn’t pull me up the ramps, but the pedal assist worked beautifully. And the twist and go throttle works pretty good on flat (or mostly flat) ground. It will really get up and GO! Think the documentation said it had a top speed of between 15 and 20 MPH. I believe every bit of that. Holy crap! Sure gave my fat ass somewhat of a workout pedaling up 5 floors. *laughs*

Anyway, here’s a teaser shot. The Beast:


More to come.

What a great idea these eBikes are!



Just sat through “The Expendables 2.” Was kind of a hoot. Wonder if all those old coots are getting bored? Still pretty unusual to see all of those “bad asses” together in one movie.

But it was watchable. If you throw reality right out the window. I still like watching shit get blown to hell.


I really had a good day. Riding was good. I can’t remember the last time I was soo out of breath and enjoying it so much. It was completely different than an asthma attack. Had no fear that there would be no air for me. I’ve suffered through some (asthma) attacks in the past that I wondered if I was going to walk away from. This was a different experience.

And I probably didn’t go more than a couple of miles. I was dressed inappropriately for the weather. It was hot and humid. I was hot. Should have worn some shorts.

Probably pay for some of that tomorrow somehow. I really am in pathetic shape. Gotta start somewhere.

I wanna do it again! Still letting the first charge run out. This three empty/charge thing is break in.



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