February 22nd, 2013



Annnnnnnnnd it looks like I am having one of THOSE nights. Can’t get to sleep. Difficult to switch off sometimes.


Movie and some Laundry?

It’s a laundry kind of day I reckon. Been about that and I sat down to watch “Skyfall” in between loads. But I do have other crap I could *should*be doing, so I’ll try get some of that done too.

Perfectly fine day. Not too sunny ~ Not raining. Not too hot. Patio is open and my bedroom windows as well.

Woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday. Friday! Hello. Where have I been? Head in the clouds T?

Happy Friday friends!

Going to have to find some sort of solution as to where to park the bike. It can’t really live in the living room or the bed room. I don’t trust the storage room down the hall since some damn fool broke into it twice in a 14 hour period. Stole my damn bicycle pump! Riffled through my stuff thats out there too. Gives me the creeps. Management changed the lock, but Damn.

I think some rearrangement of the patio may be the short term solution.

I want to get out of my abodium for a bit at some point. Nothing drastic. Just out for a while. Not really looking to hang out with any one or any where, really. Guess I could take the bike out for a bit… *grins* Still got half a tank… Be glad when the “Break in” is fini so I don’t have to fiddle with that crap.

Meanwhile later that day...

Okay so last load is in the wash and I’ve just finished with “Skyfall” Not too damn shabby. Best ever? Don’t know about all that, but it is definitely in my top 5. I like Daniel Craig in this role. They were going to have to let Dame Judy go at some point I guess.

Even later that day…

Went for a spin on the bike and I took a pretty good spill. Went to SubShop to get a sub. On the way back I struck a curb and went down. My knee feels like it should look like a road rash. Going to eat and then Take a shower and then I treat it witgh something. Stings pretty good right now though.
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That's Gonna Hurt

Haven’t had a shower quite yet. But I have got a closer look at my left knee. That is going to hurt later. Like after I wash and dress it some how. It looks plenty gnarly right now. Yeesh.

Been trying to watch “John Carter” this evening. It seems to be a real yawn fest. I’m 20 or so minutes in and he’s just managed to figure out how to walk on the surface of Barsoom.

Now I was a big Edgar Rice Burroughs fan when I was younger. I read virtually all of the Tarzan stories and most of the rest of his more outlandish writings as well. My favorites were John Carter and Tarzan. The way he wrote Tarzan is pretty much different from anything you’ll see at the movies or on TV. Different era, that man lived in.
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