March 5th, 2013

got my eye on you

Updatey Updatiness

No published entries since the 26th. I haven’t written much in any case...

My brain must be turning to mush. I’ve been keeping somewhat busy. Cannot be too careful about productivity. Can’t let too much of it slip in here. Got a few errands I would like to run today.

Load of laundry going.


Went out Thursday for a resupply of herbs *grins* and spices. *if you know what i mean* Haven’t really left la casita since. *laughs* *if you know what i mean*.

Ended up drankin’ a few beers with some folks at the bar on Thursday. St. Arnold Spring Bock is quite tasty. *grins* A little too tasty, perhaps. It probably will not be around long. One of the seasonal beers. But yeah, I woke up the next day with the dry mouth and headache and crap.

Better living through modern chemistry!

My left knee continues to slough off dead skin. Healing up nicely, I think. I’m back to shorts as the new skin is a bit sensitive. Better to leave it open anyway. Believe I hit the curb with my right shin on accident night. It is still quite tender. I might have bruised the bone. Oh well. It shall pass.

Managed to clear the coffee table Sunday. It will be ready when my accessories get here. Some today. Some Thursday. Going for the sofa today. I’ll just stack everything on the floor just to see what is there. And start putting it away. It ain’t real bad, but it is enough to make me look at it and go, “hmmmmmmmm.”

Took care of the patio on Friday. Still got some junk to get rid of out there. Some aesthetics are needed too. Hell, I even swept and stuff. It looks quite nice. The solar lights I got from IKEA a (apparently a LONG) while back are just not cooperating with me and what I’m attempting to accomplish out there. I believe they are weather degraded. They have got to go.

But yeah, as I said above. Haven’t got much done lately.

Been trying (somewhat successfully) to read the paper when I get it. Which is Wednesday thru Sunday. If they had a weekend only version I would get that, but this is the only alternative they had that was even remotely close.

Reading the paper used to be somewhat of a ritual.

When things went south with Herself, I kinda just stopped. You wanna fight over something, we had bigger fish to fry than fucking newsprint. Take it all ready! I was paying for the subscription. And since I wasn’t getting to read it… If I didn’t take it with me in the morning to go downtown it would disappear by the time I got home from work.

So I cancelled it. It stopped within a day or two of Herself’s explosion about ti. Cannot believe I would do something that petty. But I did. And I never heard another word about it.

And it beat the Hell out of abusing fridge magnets… *Laughs* If you’ve been around long enough, you know that silly story. Just glad we didn’t have a bunch of anvils laying around!

Still have a bunch of artwork to hang. Like to get to some of that. Clear the floorspace it is all taking up. *grins* I’ll get there. Not like I’m throwing cocktail parties or gallery openings up in here. But it would be nice the send the robo vacuum (I named him Ivan, remember?) around the apartment without his little ass bumping into a bunch of stuff that shouldn’t be there anyway, eh?

Been listening to a lot of good music lately. Odd stuff. Reiterate later, perhaps.

Be kind to one another my friends. If we aren’t then who will?

Nice Day...

Effin’ gorgeous day here in SE Texas. These are the days I live here for. That and very little snow and ice. Got out for a bit today. Liquor store, drug store, picked up the mail. Had a big old salad at Black Eyed Pea for dinner.

Bought a half gallon of Dewar’s White Label. And another bottle of Glen Moray, except instead of 12 YO I got the 16 YO. Should be good sippin’, I reckon. Going to find out in just a bit. Got a shot sitting over some of whisky stones. Decided I liked that Dewar’s White for just everyday sippin’ and so bought a big bottle! I should thank the person who gave me the original 5th except I rarely see or even talk to her. An ex co worker.

Got some shampoo, soap, fiber supplements and 2 packs of my cartridges. The state is apparently taxing the hell out of this stuff. Costs almost twice as much for a pack of 5 cartridges in store than from the mfgr on line. Sheesh. I’ll go back to ordering online. I was low and they were out of stock.

Got the latest Tomb Raider from today and some nice stuff from too. A bag I can strap on the bike that isn’t too big or bulky. Didn’t get out on the bike today. It was certainly nice enough. The load of stuff I got today though (supplies-wise) would have been a bit much to carry on the bike in a back pack.

A couple of cheap solar lights look to give pretty good light. A stash box for the car. I actually bought 2 of these. Figured they looked so cool. One will tame my cords and crap in the car. The other can live in la casita. They look like hardbound books. Might not be fooling any one except myself though.


OBTW (Ohbytheway!) The 16 YO single malt is pretty good. Veddy smooooth. *grins*. Even smells smooth.


A couple of BIG ice cube trays that make these huge cubes, well technically they would be rounds, that say Chill Pill embossed in the side. Can’t wait to try one of those out. They say 26,000 MG each. I’ve already washed them and they are in the freezer doing their job. Freezing water into pleasant shapes..


After I finished my salad I thought about going two doors down to pound a couple of pints. And then I thought better of it. Home again, home again, Jiggity jog!! Not sure what happens to me when I go in that place, but it sure has made for some interesting late nights / early mornings.

Yeah. At home sippin’ whisky.

Didn’t get on the bike today. Hopefully we’ll have as nice a day tomorrow.
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