March 18th, 2013


Gotta Love Spring Break

And the bored teenagers that come along with it.

Been a couple groups of folks down in the pools today. The last 3 were teen boys. I could tell by their ‘Youthful Exuberance’ . Especially when they started throwing patio furniture at each other. Was a white boy and two hispanics. I think the white boy started with the furniture. Skater boi and his two sidekicks.

One of them was about to get up to some more mayhem (with a chair) when I believe he saw me eyeballing him from my patio. Things got real quiet real quick as all three of them slyly (in turn) looked up at me (while trying not to look like they were looking) staring down from 5 floors up.

Things got real quiet. I left the patio and let them slink off with a shred of their dignity intact. That nice boy even put the chair back where he found it.

Even from 5 floors up, I still got the look.

Oh and before I forget, “Get off my damn grass!”

So Yeah, I'm a Cheapass!

My lord, it was hot today. I believe we set records. I didn’t really care enough to check, but I hear from a reliable source it is so.

And since I am on the top floor of this mid-rise, it is after 10PM and still in the mid 80’s in here. And muggy. I do not want to turn on the air for Crissakes, it is MARCH!

Once I turn it on it will likely stay on.

Probably a good bet we are done with the cold weather in SE Texas. We’ll probably see some cool weather yet, but likely are finished with the cold stuff. I ain’t quite prepared to be scorched yet.

Aww dammit. I’m starting to get one of “Those” weather related headaches that I am wont to get. Going to try a shower, I think. If that doesn’t work it will be time for a wee dram of scotch.