March 23rd, 2013



I may have to break down and turn the AC on. Not so much the heat as it is the humidity. I think this is what woke me up earlier than usual.

And it is kind of an funky gray day. Forecast calls for some Tstorms today. Radar looks mostly clear, but it is overcast. As I said the air seems leaden.

Not sure what the day holds, but it is likely to call for indoor activities today. I’m okay with that.

Good morning to all!
got my eye on you

Al Pacino Sells Jeep...

I thought the first time I heard this in passing, “Is that Pacino?!?”

Kind of a ramble. It’s Pacino doin’ Pacino. Same can be said about his last few flicks too.

I don’t care, I like the guy. He’s already done all that he needed to as an actor. He just ‘needs the money’. Can’t begrudge him that.