March 27th, 2013



I just startled a pair of mourning doves on my patio. Not sure who was more startled. Me or them! I think they were (or are) going to try and nest here.

Ummmmmm. Nope.

You see, this is my space. I am out here quite often. Can’t have you trying to raise babies and shitting every where. My house. My rules. MY ROOST! *laughs*

Honestly, These birds are like flying rats. Except much less intelligent. When I lived out in the hinterlands, The hood was about over run with them. I don’t mind their coo-ing. As a matter of fact it reminds me of summers and my gran’s place. They were around in Illinois. Find it comforting in a way.

But they are freakin’ stupid. Seen a lot of pairs lose eggs or young because they cannot build a nest for SHIT! I’d find broken eggs on out driveway all thru the brooding season because they fell out of the nest or (more likely) the nest just fell apart.. Some times dead chicks as well. They’s crap on the cars too. We had this oak tree that covered about half of the driveway. And we’d park under it for shade. They were persistent little buggers too. I finally hung some bamboo chimes in the tree and that noise seemed to spook them.

And yup! Stepped out there and there they were… Aww hell naw...