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April 14th, 2013

Tried this morning to sit down and watch ‘The Hobbit ~ An Unexpected Journey’

And find that I just can’t make myself sit still long enough to get through the first 10 minutes. WTF!?

Feeling a bit better than I did yesterday. I was a little “off”. Yeah I know. But more “off” than usual. My “off-ness” seems to have vacated the premises. Or at least that “off-ness”.

I guess that’s good. Confusing, but good. At any rate doors and windows open, got the last load of laundry going, and I’ve put the trash out. Had breakfast, such as it was.


Working my way through my third mug of coffee, which is likely to be followed by a fourth.

Certainly been a quieter (or at least more civilized) end to the week than the beginning was.



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