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May 3rd, 2013

Good Morning! And Happy Friday!

Good grief! Up before 630 this morning. Wot the he-- And it is quite cool this AM. 52F on the patio. Thought we were about done with spring. Looks like this trend will continue for a few days yet.

Feeling much better this morning compared to yesterday. Back on track.

Glasses ~ 2 pair ~ One for in and one for out ~ should be in in a few days. Yay! Optometrist says my eyes have actually improved since my last visit.

Time for breakfast. Enjoy your day folks!


So. Which One Are You?


*grins* I prefer to think of myself as somewhat of a realist. The glass is neither half full nor half empty, it's more than half empty. *laughs* It's a stretch, I know, I know. I can pull it off.


I hung a few pictures today and pretty just hung around la casita. In the bathroom of all places. And put together a lookup table from the spreadsheet data that My Fit Foods sent me. Gives enough info so I can set WW points values. I looked at several of the results cells and the formula for doing so looked so freaking convoluted. There's got to be a better way to accomplish it. Looks to me like they have just added and added data. The formulas seem to point at some erroneous cells. The calculations are correct. I spot checked a few. I am going to have a look.

Started a new game on Red Dead Redemption on PS3. Some of the scenarios can be a bit difficult to navigate. I've got issues with carriage races apparently. *laughs* fwp, eh?

Supposed to meet my girls for breakfast in the AM. Wonder how I'll pull that off and stay on program. Not going to be too late a night for me. I have things to do tomorrow. I need to get up early.


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