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May 22nd, 2013

Good Morning

Apparently I have a new wake up time! It goes along with my new bed time.

I don’t really mind waking up at 0615 to 0630. Good thing, as I have awakened at around this time for a couple of weeks now. That is still later than I got up when I was working.

It was a struggle sometimes. Then again I was likely stressed out from my life and work… That is something I can live without.

Now, most mornings I roll over and open my eyes. And then get up shortly after that. I usually do not fall back asleep.


A friend alerted me yesterday to a death in the The Big Clam family. I may have a funeral to attend this weekend. I don’t do well at these things. But I should go. And I probably will.


The view from where I am

Was gonna do a screenshot from the maps app. But it sucks so hard it won't display where I am. Suffice it to say I'm a few miles from home...

A Bit Warmish...

Am I glad I turned the AC on before I left to go for my ride!

it was already on, but my thermostat sets itself to about 85F during the time a ‘normal working person’ would be out at work. I usually leave it there till I can’t stands it anymore!

I knew I’d be a hot mess by the time I got back. Still took me quite a while to cool down enough to eat lunch. Feel like I got a little cooked on my exposed parts. First time in a while.

Had lunch. Need a shower. And a shave.

S’posed to meet friend KD for mid week shenanigans this evening. Bowed out last week. I was really trying to be good.

I need to get my ass outta here for a while. And go talk to people that ain’t me.



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