June 2nd, 2013


Bleh - ...

Was up early this morning. I think it was light if only just. Been raining lightly mostly all morning. The air is just thick with moisture.

I have got to figure out what the deal is with the HDMI connections between - Receiver - DVR Cablebox - TV. Every day at a different time I get these weirdo errors and then I can’t watch TV. I may just need to disconnect everything and reconnect it all. I am not real fond of HDMI as a connection. They always seem to have ways of working loose and things screw up until you go find the loose doo-hickey.

This is the 2d time I’ve had to deal with this carp in about 6 months. Something seems a little fishy here…

Heh heh.

I see Borderlands 2 has new DLC out. I’ll have to look into that on the ol’ Xbox. Got a season pass for that one I think.

We need the rain. I like the rain. But I didn’t figure the rain into what I was going to do today. So now I’ll have to do something else. Hmmm. I see a pattern developing here.