June 4th, 2013


It's Tuesday.

I’d really like to go out and just drink my fill of whatever my beverage of choice. But I won’t because I am still a grown up and it might behoove me to behave like one occasionally.


Friend KD has bought hisself some Tennessee ‘shine.

Got me to thinkin’. I had a sideways connection to some S Georgia/ N Florida types that were NOT casual hobbyists in the trade way back when. It wasn’t quite the Stone Age. Let’s call it, ‘The ’70’s’. It was powerful stuff. I think you could have powered a dragster with it. Or stripped the varnish off an old table. They were not fooling around.

Make you blind? Hell yeah. It could.
Aged? Are you kidding me? Fuck no.

And it was the family business too. Wonder what happened to those folk. They were decidedly NOT urbanites by any stretch of the imagination. You hadda go a long ways into the piney woods to even find these folk.

Case in Point ~ Me and some friends were horsin’ around out in the woods late one night and we each had a couple of snorts off off an ol’ mason jar. Yeah, the SAME jar. Guy standing next to me took a drag off a smoke and burped. Good lord! You would have thought he’d swallowed gasoline. Big ol’ fireball ensued and it blinded ALL of us for quite sometime. I can say I was literally blinded by Florida Moonshine.

… If only for a few minutes.
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Earth in my camera

Dammit Yahoo!

What in the Seven Names of Hell has yahoo done to flickr.com? The new interface really sucks. The site seems really sluggish to navigate. Transitions seem to take quite a bit of time.

I have a metric shit ton (That’s a LOT) of photos on that site. Do I have copies? Likely. When I was taking a lot of pictures I had a strategy. But day-um. Where are they all?

Holy Moly. Not even sure flickr has a real competitor out there. But I really am not happy with the new interface at all.