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June 8th, 2013

Excellent Choice Master Tom!

I go through a lot of these My Fit Foods containers. I’m on their flippin’ diet so I guess I should. And it just dawned on me that I can use a few of these things around here for clutter control and storage. So I’ll be washing a few of those little mothers. They are perfectly recyclable. And I think better yet if I can do useful things with them.

My bike equipment showed up to. A market sized pannier and a mirror type thing that will be useful. The other is small mirror. Too small I think. It was cheap, soooooo.

This bag is quite large. Little sticker says 1250 CI. Online says 1500 CI. I put a large (Spec’s Liquor size) paper grocery sack in there and it fits perfectly

I went ahead and ordered a market pannier for the other side of the rack too. And a set of smaller commuter size bags for when I ain’t shoppin’. I always like to cart a little gear around.


Load of wash in the dryer, one in the washer. Another exciting day here at la casita.

At least I’m feeling a little more motivation to try and ‘get shit done’. S’a’good’thing, man. And thinking. A bit more of that and I’ll be in REAL Trouble! Do productive stuff. OMG! *laughs*

Looks like everyone inside 610 loop got a bit of rain. Except my little corner of it… Weather used to do this kind of crap when I lived out in Katy. The clouds would part and my neighborhood wouldn't get a drop. C’est La Vie. Round here you kinda need to be careful what you ask for this time of year.

Heh Heh

I was looking out the window over my patio doors and what do I see? A couple of my neighbors standing on their patio in the hi rise across the way. They appeared to be passing something between the two of them. *grins*

I’ve seen one or both of ‘em out there before. Given that one some thought. At night, they can look right in here and see me sitting here…

Reckon though if you are looking in my windows, you must be really bored. Or seriously twisted. I can’t do anything for either one. *laughs* I do hope for the former, though.


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