June 10th, 2013


Road Test

Took my Market Pannier by Banjo Brothers out for a ride on the bike today. Had to stop by MyFitFoods and pickup a few meals. Gotta say this thing seems huge. A little smaller than the trunk of my car *grins* at 1500 cubic inches or 13.5 L x 8 W x 15 H). It performed it’s assigned duties admirably. Which is to carry stuff. It took everything I put in it.

The bag did not interfere with pedaling at all so I guess the frame on my bicycle is long enough. Or my feet are short enough.

Riding on main streets during rush hour can be an interesting experience. Beechnut hmmmmm.

I generally try to avoid it at that time of day. Even IN a car.

Only had the potential to get hit twice. One was some person on a cell phone pulling out of a fast food joint. About took my rear end off. I just carried on. Kept calm and kept going. Made it home safe and sound. Well safe. I may not be very sound at the best of times.

Definitely need to do more riding. It kinda makes me feel good. Even if I am cheating…

I’ll put it on the charger tonight. Maybe I can get out in the AM.