June 20th, 2013


Right. Or Left.

Had a terrible time getting to sleep last night. Not sure what the deal was. But I think it was nearly 0300 when I finally fell out. Dunno what that’s about. Woke up 0700-ish. Slept well. Once I got there. I feel okay. Could just be the coffee talkin’.

And tonight again. after frickin’ 130 AM and I am wide awake. I’m thinking the only thing I’ve changed was the re-introduction of coffee into my life. Perhaps I need to cut back on that a bit. Lost my coffee tolerance!

I just laid in bed reading for the last hour or so. I was tired when I went to bed. I even took a nice hot shower. Soooooooo…

WTF brain?!


I have to admit, my car situation has me a little concerned. I feel I’m rapidly approaching a tipping point where I am going to have to do something. Ain’t there yet, but iI’m getting close. I certainly will not make a bit on the car if I sell it, 1998 Saturn base models are just not in high demand. *grins*

Even in great shape they do not command big money. HAHA! Didn’t command big money when I got the dang thing new either. Heh. I’ve certainly got the money’s worth out of it though. That little car and I have been through a lot together. For a while it seemed to be an extension of me.

No AC without a big cash outlay, just so it will work for another year?
Seems to be using oil now. It doesn’t look to be leaking.
It gets hot. I mean engine wise. (Well in the other way too) Been sitting in traffic just watching the temperature gauge run into the higher temps.
And I do not know If I can get it to pass inspection. Got emissions issues (that damned ‘Check Engine’ light) I think as well as a mechanical thingie or two. It is just old. Like I said before, it is an extension of me.

I may see what I can get for a trade in. Just for giggles. It won’t be much, but it will be some one else’s car to deal with.

Going to have to buy a used car. Started a sort of a search. Looking (online) at used MINI’s. Wanted one for a while now. Some certainly seem to hold their value well.

Looking for a low mileage (relatively speaking) model not more than 4-5 years old. Some interesting looking vehicles. And not unreasonableIy priced. Looked at these things till my head hurt. Don’t think I can get a loan (I’m unemployed) so I’ll have to pull cash from somewheres. That’s a bit screwed, but I think I can manage it.
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Way to Go, Fella!

So I get a little good news (or affirmation more like) from my doctor and what do I do? Off the rails on my diet.

Get a grip Thomas! Yeah. Well. I knew I shouldn’ta. But I did.

Paying attention now though.

Not completely off the rails. But I ate some things over that last week, that are good for you in moderation. And what in Hell do I know about moderation? Yes. Exactly. Zero. 0. Zilch. Nada.

Hello Null? Meet Void!


I Hate When That Happens

I had a kinda of a snarky comment to make on someone’s post. But damn, if as soon as I hit reply, it was friggin’ gone! Poof! I had nuthin’. So I didn’t. I just slunk off quietly. Where did it go?

Brain Fart. At least they don’t stink to any one but yourself.