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June 29th, 2013

You're What?!

I’m going to a shadow puppet show at a bar tonight. Written and directed by The Offspring. The title is: Turtle Turtle.

Haven’t been to one of her events in a while. I guess I had been pretty much hermit-ing for the most part.


Haven’t done much else today really. Went to bed early and slept late. I was up at 7-ish. But outside of some reading and doing the dishes, I really have not done much. Lump today.

Made decent progress on that flat book of Texas History I’ve been reading. 3/4 the way through it and I still cannot recall the title OR the author. I mean to look, but I get caught up. The material should be interesting (and it is) but this guy writes like a technician. It feels like I’m reading in monotone. Couple more consecutive hours at it and I’ll be done. Sheesh. What ever...


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