July 6th, 2013

G'morning, Coffee

Oh Just Run of the Mill Bullshit

Should wash the car today. And I might. Hopefully I can get a little bike ride in at some point too. Also need to get my electronic gate key sorted. The thing is intermittent at best. Not working at all at it’s worst. Office opens at 1000. So I’ll be down there shortly after.

When I got back yesterday from running errands, some kid let me in with his. As mine seemed to be DOA. Changed the battery. TWICE. I think I can rule that out.

In bed before 1100 last night WTF?!? So I was up before 0600 this morning.

Every body has to believe in something. I believe I’ll have another cup of coffee.

Strange? Naaaaaaaaaaah.

Just popped up on my calendar. Author Robert Heinlein’s Birthday is July 7th.

I must have set this up as a reminder at some point. I wonder where my head was? Was one of my favorite SF authors. Still is, I reckon. Even though the last couple of his books got pretty strange. I bought ‘em any way.

Happy birthday, you old goat!