July 7th, 2013


Out For A Quick Bike Ride This Morning.

Before it got too hot.

After breakfast I decided to take off for a bit and ride through a neighborhood. Hit the smallest part of the local bike trail. This piece is sandwiched between a water treatment plant, a COH Service center, and a police substation. Smells weird, but it really feels safe! *grins*

I wouldn’t have known it was even there had I not noticed the little demarkation that indicates “greenbelt” in google maps. Only rode a few miles today, out and back.

As I’m going out the gate some dude stops me and asks me about my bike. It’s a bit strange looking I guess. Or just out of the ordinary. I was testing my remote. Didn’t work on the back gate. Always a bit iffy back there.

I rode to a little park where I used to have lunch sometimes and watch the trains go by. Back when the The Big Clam had facilities right around the corner. They’ve since closed it this year. Shame, as it had been in use for over 70 years… I think it will be torn down and plowed under eventually. I’ve stopped and looked through the fence(s) a couple of times. Looks pretty forlorn these days. And given the age of the oldest buildings in the complex, I’d bet there will be some asbestos remediation. And lead paint too.

But not on this trip. I was sitting at a picnic table in the back of this park having a break. And this creature saunters over. It took me a bit of time to realize this was the most malnourished, ratty looking young raccoon (it couldn’t have been anything else) I had ever seen. It had no fear of humans as it walked up to sniff me and see if I had any food to offer. I didn’t. And shooed it off. It walked nonchalantly off in the opposite direction it had come from. I guess it was making the rounds.

I knew there were coons around here, but I hadn’t seen one in quite a few years. Seen rats and opossums. Skunks and armadillos. Mice. Snakes, even. But no coons for years. Was a sorry looking bedraggled thing. I’ve gotten in arguments with raccoons before. No thank you.

Back at La Casita now. Battery on the bike is pretty close to dead.

Going to hit the shower soon, and then maybe see to some lunch. Then I think I’ll get out of here for a while. Go do something I shouldn’t. In moderation of course.

Brilliant! Not.

Was in such a hurry to get out of the apartment, I blew off taking cash or cards with me. No. Not on purpose, ya dolt!!

Had to walk a tab in a beer joint I was in. I told them. I just spaced it.

I let the beer wench tell me I sucked. Not sure, but I don’t think she really meant it. I’m good for it.
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