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July 10th, 2013

The MINI Parts ~ Jeebus…

My parts showed up bright and early this morning via UPS NEXT DAY. From across town. Not even across town. Sheesh. Sent in a big ol’ box too. Everything is here. 2 side and a rear sunshade with teensy brackets to put them on with. And a boot box.

Onward Through the Fog!

And they included an extra part! A right hand side fog light assembly, which I distinctly did not order. Which was not on my order.

Just for grins I thought I would look it up just to see what the steps were to install the thing. Good Lord! You have to take the wheel and tire off to get at the spot…

Probably a thousand dollar bill at the dealer. The part itself, as near as I can tell is about a $100.00 US.

I’ll have to see if any of my new MINI friends can use one. As soon as I have any. *laughs*

Some Days My Schedule Is Just Screwed.

And I’ve got no one to blame. Except me. Hit the bed late woke up late. Everything else was late too. Of course!

Four in the PM here and I’ve just started to eat my lunch.




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